Sour Patch Sour Apple Hat

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I got inspiration for this hat from the Sour Patch sour apple. I love to eat them and I love the color… so I made a hat like it.
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I, 7 oz ball of worsted weight yarn ( I used Red Heart)

4 Ring stitch markers (I wrapped a piece of scrap yarn around one so I would know which one was for the beginning of the row)

1, size 7 16inch circular needle( I used 24 inch but 16inch will be more comfortable)

4, size 8 DPN’s


CO= cast on

STS= stitches

K= knit

P= purl

BO= bind off

SSK= slip, slip, knit (slip 2 onto right needle then knit them together)

K2tog= knit 2 together


Woman small-medium: Approx. 12 inches from top to bottom. When folded 8 inches.


CO 80 sts(crochet chain cast on)

Place marker(with scrap yarn tied on) at beginning of row

Rows 1-36(6inches):2×2 ribbing

Rows 37-67(4 1/4 inches):Knit (**note** stockinette stitch on circular is just knitting all the rows)

Row 68: k20, place ring marker, k20 place ring marker, k20, place ring marker, k20

Row 69: *k2tog, knit within 2 sts of next marker then ssk , slip marker k2tog < repeat until you get to the end of the row. you will end with ssk.

Row 70: knit

Repeat rows 69 & 70 until you have 9 sts.

Cut yarn and thread through rem loops using tapestry needle. Pull tight and seam in the ends.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic finishing look

Image and video hosting by TinyPic X decrease

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I will do my best and post as many patterns as I can. I do have another blog that is active YarnoverKnits. All of my patterns will be thought up by my noggin. I may get inspiration from something else and make drastic changes but the designer will get credit. My patterns are for personal use only. Please dont take my patterns and credit them as your own. Do not sale any of my patterns or projects. Thankyou.

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